The Bouquet

Or boo-quet since it’s Halloween, after all.

Brides have been carrying bouquets of flowers down the aisle for quite a while now. The bride’s bouquet is the single most important line item on their wedding floral order. Don’t you guys ever wonder who started all this? Did someone just not know what to do with their hands? What’s the deal? No one questions it!  I figured there was a reason, and I was right. And its delightfully Halloween-y, so I’m so glad today is the day I got to the bottom of it.

Back in the old days, like the super dusty old days, they were carried as a sort of perfume. Showering on your wedding day was an unavailable luxury. Can you even imagine?? All this pampering and fussing we have now that we take for granted. Ladies, try to count your blessings, not your mimosas. Anyway, the bride sometimes was lacking for that fresh showered scent and carried a bunch of flowers to make her smell pretty. I bet you feel awfully lucky now, don’t you?


Here’s the cooler reason. Brides also carried bouquets to ward off evil spirits!!! These bunches consisted of herbs and spices, which are nice, but also garlic, which is barf. The last thing you want at your wedding is a demon, so I guess if you’re prone to having spirits hanging around, tuck a clove or two into your flowers.

This research also led me to the reason behind the bouquet toss. It’s not to torture your poor single friends after all. The bride was considered lucky and demon-free with her garlic bouquet. Thus, she tossed bits and pieces of it to her friends to keep from getting haunted later that night. I guess it’s kind of the same. The bride throws her flowers to her single friends in hopes of getting them out of the dating pool, which is kind of like a haunted house.

And since I love you all so very much, I made you a playlist featuring only songs with flowery titles. It’s pretty good.

listen on Spotify.

xoxo and Happy Halloween!


cool haunted bride pictures by Katie Grant Photography